Improved productivity:

Mar 5, 2020 | Uncategorized


mproved productivity: Reduced setup times, increased safety and ergonomic aspects: The zero-force & bottom-seat broach tool handling system by FROEMAG does it all. Available for new machines as well as retrofit for existing FTR Table Up & FSR Series.

Tools are stored on the motorized broach carousel. The handling system supports the operator on quick setup and safe handling of the broaches.

Whenever layouts need to be changed during the lifetime of a machine: Table Up machines are installed at grade on the shop floor without needing a pit.

Low space requirements, no protruding components and an easy access for maintenance keeping downtimes at a lowest level.

Integration in automated cells combined with a minimum of setup requirements.

All FROEMAG Machines are equipped with an easy and intuitive user interface with touch screen and precisely driven by servo motors.

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