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Keyway widths from 1 – 300 mm and lengths up to 2500 mm and profiles up to 900 mm diameter.

For machining single keyways, multiple keyways, internal splines, tangential keyways, helical keyways, keyways in blind holes and other profiles different types of our newest electromechanical keyseating-and profiling machines are available.

Keyways and profiles from 1 up to 300 mm width with max. lengths up to 2500 mm and internal diameters between 10 and 1000 mm and a total weight up to 16t resp. 8m can be machined.

All machines are equipped with automatic indexing tables so that internal gears with any division can be machined, too.

We are pleased to offer:

  • Machining of single and multiple keyways in cylindrical bores
  • Profiles: involute splines, radii, serrations, rectangulars, hexagons etc. oil and multiple grooves, tangential keyways, helical keyways
  • Upcutting of keyways or profiles with guided or self-locating tools in blind holes with undercut.

Our electromechanical driven machines are specially used for machining hardened materials, for example VA materials, Monell, Hastelloy, lnconel, etc